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Visfed Revolation Tea2

Visfed Revolation Tea2 (Verison2 and Older Truck)


What is Special on This Soft?
1- You dont edit xml or tmp many many soft.. Select xml or tmp files…Edit only chasis and press encrypt. This sof write auto Intersto.mdb and auto convert xlm or tmp file on your dealer and client id. After you join techtool go ecu programing end write ecu. File editing takes only 2 minutes…

2- You can edit parameter programing on flash file- Auto get parameter and adress on hex file and change after save and send in techtool. example chasis immo,etc. you can edit this and more parameter on flash file.

3- This tool work with techtool 2.xx. When connect vehice techtool auto read vehice info. And you can add flash file you can Compare Specifications flash file and vehice so you dont write wrong file. Examle aid, Fuel, Gear,brake, Fan etc…
4-You can see what have parameter vehice and flash file…

5-You can Compare vehice and flash subdataset (for mid128, Mid140,Mid130)

6-Created database for flash file. when edit flash file you can send flash file in your database. After when needed this flash join database and use flash file. Not need for tmp or xlm you can use all info on database. Example Connect techtool vehice join database it get auto all files file Hardware id. you can see Specifications flash and vehice select and send in techtool very fast and easy. [you can add in database only own files, this tool for next you edit and write for fastly if use convert flash file with database takes 1 minuteSmile]


How To Buy?

*Complete Infomation,

*If want With Techtool Select Techtool and Type,

*Select Which Do you Want Brand(Price Change for Multi Brand)

*Select Flash Type (Price Change for Type)

*Select Payment Metod.

After Submit we turn with email. After Complete Payment Installing With Teamviewer.

Buy Visfed Revolation Tea2
If want you Can Buy with Techtool. Visfed Working Good SKNDIAG PTT Activation
if need Techtool with Select
If Selected TECHTOOL To Buy. Please Select Techtool Type
Price Change For Selection

7-Online flash-when connect vehice Techtool after open tool join online server(need connect internet) it get list flash file for vehice select flash file dowland and edit for your vehice after send in techtool. [not volvo server]

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