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Visfed Revolation Plus

Volvo IS Editor Revolation Plus ECU Programing(FH4/FM4)


What İs The New For Visfed Revelotaion Plus
*Imported New Hex System… Hex Tool;
*Checksum Line;
*Checksum Hex File;
*Edited GetflashPro New Verison…
*Changed Online Module Edited New System
*Imported New Encrytion System…
*Update Sytem Changed….

SKNDIAG DEVELOPER http://www.skndiag.com

What is The Visfed Revolation Plus?

*VISFED Revolation Plus (V3/V4) , It is a program that helps ECU programming of new EURO5 / EURO6 vehicles.

*You can edit the Flash file and ecu programing it on Techtool

*VISFED Revolation Plus is a special software tool to decrypt, edit, encrypt ECU reload (also called intermediate storage) files for Volvo, Renault, Mack trucks. Tool is made to make all file rebuilding process as simple and easy as possible. It also allows to view ECU file and other information of part and sub part numbers, parameters..

What is Special on This Soft?

-You Get Flash file from Delaer Pc( If dealer dowlanded files you can prepare for editing flash easy)

– Works with Techtool. Allows you to compare the vehicle information that Techtool reads with flash

-It shows all the properties of the Flash File, including the part numbers of the parameters it contains.

-Create custom Intel Hex files to customize in Flash and edit with 3part applications (Winols etc)

-With the Online Flash Part you can access the flashes on the SKDAG server and help you to programing. Server Flash files are available and updated …

– Online Update Tool; You Can get Update for bugs with Techtool Support Tool

-Connection Truck Module :This module beta is new next time..


How to Get Flash File?

Way 1 = Online Flash

Online Flash; SKNDIAG Provides access to existing Flashes on your server.
* First of all, you can connect with Techtool. After the car is connected, VISFED Revolution Plus opens. Automatically retrieves the latest Verison 3 and Version 4 information from your Vehice.
* Select the Control Unit (Ecu) you want to programing and enter it in the online flash section. After the necessary login steps are added, the existing files are listed. The appropriate software is selected and downloaded and the editing process is passed. You can easily prepare the Flash file for programming in Techtool ..

Way 2: Fetch the Dealer Downloaded Flash
Volvo Server is a program that allows you to import flash files from your friend. Note: Verison 3 and Version 4 Flash files can not be copied directly!
* Copy the portable “Get Flash File Plus.exe” file to your friend’s computer, which is a Volvo Server account. Run the program. The program will automatically list Downloaded Flashes by Hardware ID number. Select the required Hardware ID and click “Get Files”. The program will automatically save the Flash file to the desktop according to the Chassis code. Copy the saved file to your own computer and open the file with VISFED Revolution Plus. Necessary information about Flash will come up. After you have made the necessary edits, click Encrypt and Decrypt. After the process is complete, your flash is ready to program.


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